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The Best Chocolate Cheesesteak You've Never Eaten

The Best Chocolate Cheesesteak You've

Chocolate by Mueller

Published: Jun 24, 2009

Carolyn Wyman

The half-pound solid chocolate cheesesteak sold by Chocolate by Mueller in the Reading Terminal Market is the best chocolate cheesesteak because it's probably the only one. And you've probably never eaten it because it's only been sold for about six weeks.

Candy stand owner Theresa Mueller was inspired to order a cheesesteak-shaped chocolate mold by the explosion in Market stands selling cheesesteaks following Rick's Steaks' well-publicized late 2008 departure. (These include Carmen's and By George's as well as the Spataro's, mentioned in our main story.)


"I figured if everyone else can make a cheesesteak, why couldn't we?" asks Mueller, in a statement that seems reasonable only if you know about Chocolate by Mueller's chocolate novelty hearts, lungs, ears and noses (the latter being a gift alternative to the clichéd dozen roses).

Despite costing $11.95 — at least 25 percent more than the real meat-and-cheese competition — Mueller says the chocolate cheesesteaks are selling briskly. Certainly it would be hard to find a conventional cheesesteak with onions as sweet.



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