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"Lets give'em something to talk about" Bonnie Raitt (circa 1991)

In 1999 global coverage in an associated press article about our anatomically correct heart was later picked up and reprinted as a Ripley's Believe it or not story.

Chocolate Covered Onion

Sometime in the early 80's the Chocolate Covered Onion was born. Theresa Mueller was featured in the intro of television show called Double Muppets. Hold The Onions Filmed in Philadelphia. Today the Onion is a cult favorite for tourists, and those Philadelphians giving tours to family and friends.

Chocolate by MuellerQuirky Cuisine

Chocolate body parts are big sellers at Chocolate by Mueller in Philadelphia. The anatomically correct chocolate heart is popular with cardiologists and their patients as well as being the Valentine gift you don't quite know how to react to. 'Oops, I thought you said a dozen noses' explains the chocolate bunch of nostrils. An ear with a chunk bitten out of it is the Mike Tyson special. For the person who's sweet on the outside, but nasty on the inside, send a chocolate covered onion. Brains, bagels, tool sets, dentures, lab rats, and lungs; the selection is always evolving.

Featured In the book Eccentric America.


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